City of Fillmore Film Commission

The Fillmore Film Commission consists of five (5) voting commissioners appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. Members shall have an interest in promoting, encouraging and assisting film activities within the City.


  • Recommend guidelines for standardized permit procedure to be used by film companies wishing to take movie, TV, still, commercial, video, or other form of moving/still pictures in the City of Fillmore.
  • Promote film-making in the City of Fillmore.
  • Assist in promotional activities.
  • Recommend rules and procedures.
  • Communicate with the City Council on issues relating to the motion picture industry and activities of the Commission.

General goals the Commission considers in achieving its purpose include, but are not limited to the following:  

  • Agree on the pursuit of film production and the benefits to be derived through promoting the City of Fillmore to the film industry; should maintain consistency and clarity regarding exchange of information; and establish working relationships with key people within the film industry.
  • Designate merchant liaison(s) to coordinate with the City’s film permit coordinator on community preparation for local filming with film production company activities during location shooting.

The Film Commission is also charged with maintaining an organized approach for attracting the film industry into the community within these five ways:

  • Ascertain community expectations.
  • Recommend film permit procedures.
  • Target area and market regional attributes.
  • Maintain a file of photos of potential shoot locations.
  • Provide input on and suggest content for the Film Commission web page.


Five (5) members shall be appointed from the community at large; and shall be appointed by the City Council. The members shall be appointed for terms of four (4) years and/or at the pleasure of the City Council, whichever shall occur first. A member’s term of office (excluding commissioners serving on the date of the adoption of this resolution) shall expire on January 31 in the year in which their appointment expires. A member of the commission shall not automatically be reappointed to a successive term of office. A member desiring reappointment shall be required to make a formal application and participate in a competitive selection process as established by the City Council.

In addition, the Fillmore City Manager or his/her designee (currently the City’s film permit coordinator) shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Committee. Also, a member of the City Council appointed by the City Council serves as an ex-officio member of the Commission and serves as the liaison between the Film Commission and City Council.

























City of Fillmore Film Office 250 Central Avenue, Fillmore, CA 93015
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