We’re in Hollywood’s backyard. Just one hour from downtown Los Angeles and thirty minutes from Santa Clarita - Fillmore is where you want to be!

Fillmore is a small community nestled in the beautiful Santa Clara Valley amongst acres upon acres of fragrant blossoming orange trees and breathtaking hillside vistas that one could only dream about in California.

Spanning only 2.2 square miles, Fillmore offers numerous unique locations allowing it to play the role of “Any Town, U.S.A.” for local or international filmmakers.

From our nostalgic downtown storefronts to the famous Fillmore & Western Railway, Fillmore is your one stop shop for film location needs!


Permits & Film Inquiries

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Contact Annette Cardona at 805-207-7793 for more information on filming in Fillmore. The City of Fillmore prides itself on being film friend and film savy!





City of Fillmore Film Office 250 Central Avenue, Fillmore, CA 93015
Phone: (805) 524-3701 Fax: (805) 524-5707 info@filmfillmore.com